I have always loved writing…

That’s how these things always start out, isn’t it? And I suppose, for the most part, that it is true. I really have always loved writing. But what I hated was what seemed the chore of doing it – picking up the pencil and forming the words. I do not know if it was poor teachers or a lack of self motivation, but during my school years, prior to owning a computer, I dreaded any writing assignment.

I suppose there were many reasons for this. Perhaps it was a difficulty in getting my ideas organized. Or maybe it was my atrocious hand-writing. Possibly it was the fear that what I wrote would seem stupid to others. My guess is it was a combination of all of these.

As an adult, while I am certainly not the most organized person, I have considerably improved, and I really do not fear what people think of my writing anymore. But my hand-writing is certainly not what one would consider decent, by any means.

This site is all about hand-writing, or, more specifically, the artifacts of the job. Pens, pencils, paper, ink, books. All of these things are a passion. From the ubiquitous #2, to finely made fountain pens, I love the tools that allow us to express ourselves on paper. Like me, your hand-writing may look like you were taking notes during an earthquake, or perhaps you have beautiful flowing script. Either way, we may use the same items to accomplish the task.

In an age of tweets, emoticons and instant messaging, a thoughtful, handwritten letter may be an anachronism to some. To me, it is still a craft to be cherished.