A Review of the Review

With this site now being active for a few weeks, I decided to have a look at all of the articles I’ve posted so far. What I have decided is that they are not structured enough. In looking at other websites populated by my fellow pen enthusiasts (perhaps an exercise I should have performed before launching this site!) I see that in general they are considerably better organized.

My pen reviews tend to be about my experience with the pen and a few details here and there about performance and feel. I think I need to expand on those details. Additionally, many of the sites break down their reviews into common topics, making it easy to find, for example, the pros and cons of a selected pen, by putting in section headings. I think this is a great idea that I need to adopt here.

One other thing that has become obvious is that most sites include writing samples with their reviews. This one is a bit embarrassing for me, as my handwriting would be considered by many to be awful! My fellow essential tremor buddies likely know this feeling all to well. However, I do think it is a good idea to include writing samples, as it’s one of the best ways to demonstrate the quality of the pen and ink. Just try not to laugh to hard at my scrawl.

I have also worried about the affiliate links at the bottom of each review. In looking at other sites, I notice many of them, too, include affiliate links to products. But generally, they are linked text within the body of the review. I’m conflicted on that. If it’s the only affiliate links on your site, it seems rather deceptive. A person just clicking the link has no idea it’s an affiliate link. I want my readers to know. In fact, I’ve set up an Affiliate Disclaimer on my site (a requirement, in fact, if you are an Amazon Affiliate.) As stated on that page, I do not let my affiliation affect my reviews. They are based solely on experience with the product.

Anyway, I hope these changes bring about a better, more informative reading experience. I only had one review up this week (but for an excellent pen!), as I was tying up the last bits of my new book Journaling For Kids: A Parent’s Guide. But now that that is complete, I expect to get a few more reviews up in the next few days.

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