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At the bottom of most of my product reviews, you see an affiliate link to Amazon.com. In general, however, this is not where I originally purchased the item I am reviewing. It’s there simply as a quick link to the product for people who may want to order it like, RIGHT NOW.

As I’ve noted in other blog entries, I support shopping locally. Fairbanks, Alaska, where I live, has a great store in If Only…, where I will often grab pens, inks and paper. It is my favorite local store.

But sometimes I want something that they may not have in stock. In those cases I tend to order from the Goulet Pen Company. I swear, if they had an affiliate program, I’d replace that Amazon link in an instant! I absolutely love this company.

Located in Ashland, Virginia (a few miles north of Richmond), the company is primarily an online retailer. I’m not even sure if you can shop at the Ashland location. Their inventory includes pens from many manufacturers, as well as paper, inks and other writing accessories. Overall, they have a great and varied selection.

Customer service and shipping are top notch. I’ve placed three orders from the company so far and each has arrived meticulously packed (you can see some photos below). A personal note is written on each packing slip using one of the inks they have for sale, which they identify. Only rarely have I seen this level of detail and care from a company. Each package also contains a bookmark with the company information, a small card and, for the sweet tooth, a Tootsie pop. What more could you ask for!

So, while I do encourage people to shop locally first, if you can’t find something you are looking for, or if you are interested in a more varied selection, check out Goulet Pen Company.

Goulet Pens Package

A typical package, well padded!

Goulet Pens Wrapped Package

Oooooh, bubblewrap. My inner child is soooo tempted.

Goulet Pens Wrapped Package

Final layer of this onion. A tight plastic wrap prevents things from moving around.



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