Diamine Red Dragon

It seems that I am on an ink kick. Most of my reviews, so far, have been about pens. Given the URL of this site, that makes sense, but I have always wanted to do more than just talk about pens. Ink is at the very heart of writing.

Diamine is a British company that has been around since the mid-19th century. They manufacture inks for a number of different purposes, of which pen ink is only one of several. You can also find them in industrial printing and stamp pads. They have a pretty wide spectrum of colors.

Diamine Red Dragon


Originally, I was going to pick up another Noodler’s Ink in red, but decided it might be more fun to try another company. Diamine has a number of different reds, but I liked the darkness of Red Dragon and ordered a bottle. For this review, I inked up one of my Lamy Joys with a 1.1mm nib.

Diamine Red Dragon SampleIt is, indeed, a dark ink. It’s nearly black in areas that receive a lot of ink. Shading is excellent. Click the image above for a better view. This is another fairly “wet” ink, at least at this line width, still showing some smudging after 15-20 seconds. With a fine nib, there seems to be less shading and the color is noticeably brighter, though still a fairly dark red.

One note: When loaded into a pen with a fine nib, I have noticed that if I have the pen uncapped and I’m not writing for a few minutes, it can dry in the nib. I have to do some quick doodles to get it flowing again. I did not notice this at all with the 1.1mm Lamy Joy.

Final Word

This is another ink that I have fallen in love with. The color is beautiful. I’ve found myself journaling with this ink loaded into a .3mm nib pen (the free pen that came with the Noodler’s Apache Sunset.) The journal has a cream colored paper that doesn’t seem to affect the overall tone of the ink. If you are looking for a dark red ink, this one is a winner.

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