Noodler’s Apache Sunset

I was first turned on to Noodler’s Ink by a post at the Something Awful forums. I know, that seems like a weird place to get information on ink. However, in the Ask/Tell forum, there is an excellent thread on fountain pens with many experienced pen users. It has been quite informative.

Noodler's Apache Sunset

Now, there are a lot of opinions about the guy who makes these inks, and I’m going to shy away from those here. This is a review of the ink, not the man behind it. Suffice it to say, he creates inks that have a permanence to them. There are numerous “bulletproof” inks in the Noodler’s line that are essentially “removal proof”, meaning you can’t remove the ink through any conventional means. You’d destroy the paper before the ink went away.

This is not one of those inks. But I have no true need of absolute permanence. If you’re curious about which inks are, there is an Ink Properties chart on the Noodler’s website.


I picked up this ink a simple reason; I love the color. It is actually quite dynamic, ranging from a bright yellow to a darker red depending on the amount of ink put down. In practice, a wetter pen will put down a darker line, but even my fine point Lamy Al-Star showed shading in the letters. It really does remind me of a sunset. A friend of mine also suggested fire, which I can see, as well.

This is a pretty “wet” ink. It can take some time to dry, depending upon the paper you use. In a small Clairefontaine notebook I carry around, it took 20 seconds before the ink stopped smearing. The pen was a TWSBI Diamond 580 M nib.

Noodler's Apache Sunset Writing Sample

Final Word

I love this ink and would definitely recommend it. The color is beautiful and dynamic. Shading is excellent. I have now tried it in my Lamy Al-Star, Lamy Joy and TWSBI Diamond without any issues.

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