Lamy Joy

As its name implies, the Lamy Joy is a fun pen. The Joy’s unique design brings to my mind a modern take on old quill pens. And while it is an all plastic pen, the body is very resistant to scratches. The black body of the pen is offset by red accents in the clip and tail end of the pen.

Lamy Joy

This is a very comfortable pen, having the same ergonomic grip as the Lamy Al-star. It sits well in the hand and is quite light. Like many Lamy fountain pens, a small view-port gives you a visual indicator of ink levels remaining in the pen.

You can get the Joy in three different tip widths. I have it in both the 1.1mm and 1.9mm, but there is a middle size at 1.5mm. The fine tip produces a nice, flowing script that I find perfect for letter writing. The broader tips, as one would expect, are excellent for calligraphy, a skill, I’m sad to say, I do not excel at to put it mildly. I will keep trying, though. No fault of the pen, this is one you can chalk up to user error.

The Lamy Joy uses the same T10 refills as the Lamy Al-star. Lamy also sells a piston refill converter, allowing you to use other brand inks. A nice feature if you enjoy colors beyond the standard colors offered by Lamy.

This is definitely a pen I would put on any Top 10 list for pens. The Lamy Joy is an affordable, stylish fountain pen designed to bring out your best writing.

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