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uni-ball Gel RT

I am not a fan of giving bad reviews. However, anyone who collects and uses a lot of pens knows that from time to time, you come across one that just does not work for you. Could be that it has an unusual weight, or it is fragile, or the ink does not dry. Any number of things could be wrong with a pen.

Unfortunately, the uni-ball Gel RT falls in this category for me. But before I totally rag on the pen, let me get some of its strong points out.

Like the Bic Cristal I reviewed yesterday, the uni-ball Gel RT certainly does “write the first time, every time”. In that sense, it is a reliable pen. Just remember to take the small rubber nib off of the pen tip before the first use.

uni-ball Gel RT

The feel of the pen is good and easily held thanks to a rubber grip. The uni-ball Gel RT is a very light pen, so depending upon your writing style that could either be a pro or a con. I find it a bit lighter than the pens I usually use, yet still find it comfortable.

My first real con is not really a comment on the pen itself, but the ink. You will find, as I review more pens, that I am not a fan of gel inks in general. While I find they do produce nice, vivid colors, the slow drying times prove easy to smear. This pen has done nothing to assuage my dislike of these inks. My primary use of the Gel RT is note taking at work. Since I am often writing fast, as my fingers brush over previous lines tell-tale streaks often follow.

uni-ball Gel RT broken

One of my uni-ball Gel RT pens with typical breakage.

The plastic clip on the pen is another source of concern. I have used many of these pens at work and every single one of them has a broken clip. They always break at the curve, and it does not seem to take a lot of pressure to do it. I do not tend to clip my pens to things, so it really is not a bother, but it does make the pen look bad.

The Gel RT is also one of the few pens I have owned where the click mechanism has broken. The push button is made up of two layers of plastic. If the clear outer plastic breaks, getting the pen to click in place becomes quite difficult.

Would I recommend this pen? If you are a fan of gel pens and can keep it from breaking, it is a fine pen. Ink flows smoothly and it feels good in the hand. My experience, though, suggests that the plastic is simply too fragile. I may use them at work, as that is what is available, but I do not use them at home.

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