The Sound of Silence? The Look of Blank Pages?

These pages haven’t been updated in nigh on three years. That’s pretty sad. I love writing. I love reading about writing. So what happened that put this blog on mute?

Met someone new (we are still together! Yay!) and our attention was focused elsewhere. I’ve been super busy with work. Other hobbies taking up time. There are probably as many possible excuses as there are stars in the sky (or trite cliches in the English language…) Regardless, the results are the same; a boring, zero-relevance blog taking up a tiny amount of server space that I pay a bit of cash for once a year for no purpose.

Time to change that! For one thing, this place looks dull as hell. Time to find a decent Word Press template and get this blog looking snazzy again (wait… did it ever look snazzy?) Oh, yeah, and start writing again.

I’m still a lover of pens, and paper, and ink, and all that fun stuff! And I know there are people out there who love those things, too. So look forward to an updated page soon.

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